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Research Campus 18
3500 Hasselt

Hi there,
I’m Chris

I help entrepreneurs, startups and tech companies to bring an idea to life: idea validation, building the MVP, building the team, architecting the project, useful introductions, scaling up.

Bridging the gap

I help entrepreneurs and founders to bridge the gap between their ideas, and the technical implementation. Over the years I've gathered a good amount of experience while leading the technical path of multiple startups. Experience that I'm now ready to share.


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Ready to build your startup?

I can help you build your MVP (Minimum Viable Product), a product with just enough features to satisfy early investors/customers and provide feedback for future product development.

While I’m mostly specialised in technical leadership, I also enjoy doing business development. Over the years I’ve gathered a very interesting network and I still enjoy going to networking events, you never know who you might come across.


It is a pleasure to work with Chris. A broad minded backend developer - his exceptional management flow, code reviewing, creativity and knowledge makes every project possible. Result driven, experienced, efficient team player and a great supervisor. Delivering results, solving problems and moving on to the next one. That's Chris' way.

Backend developer


I've worked for Chris on a couple of projects and found him to be a discerning leader with very good decision-making and strong team-working skills. I also had the pleasure of organising events together with him for the local PHP development community. I would recommend Chris for any company that looks for a strong, clear-minded leader with solid experience building products and with a keen eye for giving back to his network and community.

Solution Architect